What is Hard Water? | Levels, Problems and Solutions

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. In this page we discuss What is Hard Water? | Levels, Problems and Solutions. Which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates.

Hard Water Problems and Solutions

What hard water really is?

The amount of calcium and magnesium determines the hardness of the water. The more minerals present in the water, the more hard water. Determination of Water hardness in the water that contains above 1GPG or more.

Water hardness is harmful to your skin, dishes, your hairs as well as your clothes, and the plumbing concurrently. You need to get rid of these matters once for all. You have to use the hard water solutions at your home to get rid of these issues once for all. Install the best water softener, which best suits your requirements.

According to different researches, most areas in the U.S have up to 80mg of calcium and magnesium. This percentage might go up to 180mg in certain regions. We give there Hard Water Problems and Solutions.

Levels of Hardness:

There are multiple levels of hardness found in the United States. The chart can evaluate the hardness of the water. We describe here some Hard Water Problems and Solutions.

The given below table elaborate on hardness of the water in terms of GPG.

Pure Soft WaterContains < 1 GPG
Marginally hard waterContains 1 – 3.5 GPG
Reasonably hard waterContains 3.5 – 7 GPG
Hard waterContains 7 – 10.5 GPG
Extremely Hard water  Contains > 10.5 GPG

Major Problems by Hard water:

Other minerals do exist in water, which is commonly known as hard water.

The minerals that cause significant problems are the calcium and the magnesium particles. They are present in the water or causes hard water.

One myth in our society is to boil the water. Upon boiling the water, these minerals that are present in the water evaporates and transform themselves into the scale. They are also known as mineral deposits.

They cause severe damage to your household electric appliances and also choke your plumbing. There is some Hard Water Problems and Solutions.

The scales present in the water accumulate themselves in the water. And your washrooms strat having the stains which are difficult to remove Our soaps and he detergents we used to wash our face, clothes, and dishes started to work poorly. And, that is another negative aspect of the hard water.

Other Hard Water Problems:

Particles present in the hard water clog your plumbing pipes.

Due to the Clogging of plumbing pipes, the water flow for the house deteriorates.

Scale particles present in the hard water accumulates on tiles of your bathrooms and kitchen and can cause stains and colorless.

The hard water cause dryness to your skin

Due to the hard water, excess shampoo applied to your hair can harm the health of your hair.

The hard water might end up looking dull and lifeless.

The scale will cut short the life of your heaters.

Your utility bills will show an increasing trend.

Dishes remain spotted; even cleaning is done.

Your clothes will lose their shine.

Hard Water Solutions:

Do you want to remove water hardness? Hard water solutions help you to take care of the problem caused by hard water. On the contrary, you need to consider some facts before you switch to Hard Water Solutions.

The cost:

The hard water solutions cause you some amount of money, and that might be sometime heavy on the wallet. You need to prepare yourself and made up your mind whether you want a solution for your hard water issues or not. And what exactly do you need?

Utility bills:

Your ultimate solution for the hard water problem would be a water softener. And one should keep in mind after installing an electric water softener. Your utility bills might see a hike as compared to the previous months. In which the water softener was not a part of your life.

Water usage:

Water softeners, in general, are considered as extra water users. They use an ample amount of water during a month because they consist of two tanks—the first tank which contains the water stored before the process. And in the other container, they store water after the process. Thus ready to be used for your household needs.

Operating Cost of the unit:

The operating cost for the water softener will also incur, and you have to bear it. Some water softeners are less expensive in terms of operating expenses. And others are much higher as compared to their competitors in the market.

Solutions other than water softener:

We have prepared some recommendations for you. That might lessen the hard water issues you are facing at your house. And these options might help you save some money as well and come easy on the wallet as well.

  1. To get better results for your coffee and tea, use bottled water instead of tap water.
  2. Apply white vinegar on the tiles of washrooms, on your glasses to help reduce the mineral deposits.
  3. Regularly check your irrigation system for cleaning and removing the dust and rust.
  4. Try to change the evaporative pads regularly.
  5. Flush out your hot heater water regularly so that it won’t get scale and mineral deposits
  6. Inspect your plumbing piping regularly for any rusty materials appearing on it
  7. Carefully read the detergent user manual for better washing of clothes.

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