Best Water Softener Salts 2021 – Facts and Buying Guide

Nowadays, Hard water is becoming a significant issue in many resident areas these days. Hard water adversely affects the washing, bathing, and cleaning purposes. There is a definitive need for a solution that converts hard water to soft water after treatment.

This article might help you with selecting the best water softener salt for your household. Down in this article, you will be able to find the factors before purchasing the salt for the water softener.

1. Morton 1501-Top water Softener Salt:

Morton 1501

Morton is one of the famous companies in the salt business for water softeners and is considered to be on the top as their salts are valuable, durable and practical. Their salt comes in a sturdy bag and can be used often. Morton originates conveniently to guarantee extreme efficiency on the hardness of the water. This salt comes with the right price.

This salt is easy to use. All you have to do is open the bag, take your salt out of it and pour into hard water to see them become soft. It has multipurpose uses. It will keep the appliances rust free. Using Morton Salt, it will make sure you wash your clothes in water treated for hardness without having any worries.

  • Increases life of appliances
  • Salt-free water
  • Free from maintenance
  • It’s costly
  • No other cons available

2. Morton F124700000g

– Removes Rust –Morton F124700000 water-softener

Here is another water softener by Morton. It includes many features. It comes with a heft price tag. Apart from the price tag, its features are pretty much amazing. It is contained in a durable packing. It helps to remove the hardness of the water quickly and makes sure you get 99% pure soft water.

Helps in removing the rust from the water. Its improves the taste of the water. You can have a pleasant bathing experience. It also removes stains from the kitchen and utensils.

  • It has a durable packing
  • Appliances are rust-free
  • It makes sure water to be soft
  • It is costly
  • No other cons available

3. Cargill 7304 – Salt For Bathing:Cargill 7304 - Salt For Bathing water-softener

Cargill is a newer brand in the market of water softeners. It is trying their best to give an excellent competition to Morton.  Their competition is in terms of healthier and improved water superiority with a reasonable price tag.

This water softener best works on sensitive skin. It has a unique suite and removes the hardness of water within no time. It keeps the appliances getting away from the rust.

  • Water is soft
  • Removes corrosion
  • Appliances are rust-free
  • It is overpriced
  • No other cons available

Diamond Crystal Salt - 99.8% Pure water-softener

4. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt – 99.8% Pure:

Diamond Crystal Salt is famous for its top-rated purification process. It can entirely replace your old water softener. It’s famous for cleansing water from the hard substances. Also providing you with soft water at the end that is clean, pure and has almost 0% of hardness.

Provide you with rust free appliances and let you enjoy the premium soft water. It comes with a high price tag, which might be heavy on your wallet when it comes to purchasing this salt for water purification.

  • It Offers 99% pure water
  • Corrosion less water
  • It will make water soft
  • Expensive
  • No other cons available

5. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt:

Diamond Crystal Water Softener -

Diamond Crystal salt pellets will ease your life with its performance, and at the same time, removes hard water problems effortlessly. A single bag will be enough for your whole household requirements for cleansing water.

It has a high-quality bag, and the minerals in it remain protected at the same time. This will help you with bathing, doing dishes, or washing clothes.

  • It has a durable bag
  • Softens water quickly
  • It removes the clogging
  • It’s a bit pricey
  • No other cons available

Buying guide:

Altering hard water to soft is an art. Most of the people don’t know how to select the best water softener salts for their households. Here are some key points to let you understand how to go for salt.


This is the most topnotch features, and people often neglect this point. The salt you are going to purchase must comes in sturdy and non-leaking packaging.

It is because every house has children, and no one would be taking any chances with the kids. On the contrary, water salts lose its properties; it is open wide.


Water softener Salts are extremely reactive, as they conveniently transform the hard water into the soft within no time. In this way, you don’t have to wait long to get started performing your daily work. It also quickly removes the stains of your washrooms.


The soft water called after they get the treatment for the harshness. It helps you to enhance the lifespan of your household appliances. you can also remove stains without getting worried about the effect it will cause to your appliances.


Last but not least is an essential feature that is budget. It will cost you easily 50$ for an average water salt for removing the hardness of the water from your home.

Factors Before Buying:

There is some factor which you need to know and have the knowledge about them before purchasing or selecting the best water softener salts for your household.


This is an essential feature that you should consider before buying the slat for your home. Most people won’t take these features seriously and without considering buy the products which at times won’t be as much help they wanted that to be.


This is noticeably a critical feature. Everyone will react differently to different sorts of salt. For those who are having kidney issues never go for sodium. Then you should purchase the potassium chloride. As you all know that the potassium chloride has minimal impact on blood pressure.


This feature will enable you to go for a particular product or not. Performance is the crucial element in purchasing any kind of product for the household these days. You must consider that the evaporated salt is the cleanest and perhaps the best choice for sizeable house water softeners.

How to Choose?

How to select the best water softener salt. It is a tricky question to answer. It is a matter of your priorities. What do you want from the softener to perform?

If you are on a budget, then the rock salt would be your best option. And if you want an effective one, then go for the evaporated salt. As far as the sea salt is concerned, it has become the second-best option.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

It is not salt, and many people started hydrogen peroxide in their homes to soften the water and maintenance. The good thing is it not only tempers water but also sterilizes water as well and removes the bacteria present in the water. It is suitable for health-conscious people.


Many issues need to be addressed before considering the purchase of water softener salts. This guide will prove to be enough in searching for the best water softener salts.

If you find some issues regarding choosing an ideal water softener, then let me recommend you Morton 1501. It will prove to be the best choice for you, like so many others.

Frequently Ask Questions:

What is the best salt?
The best salt for water softeners is Morton Clean and Protect.
What brand of salt is best?
The best brands that rule the market of water softeners is Morton.
Is softened water safe?
For drinking purposes, I would not recommend you, but for doing laundry and bathing, they are highly recommended.

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