Best Salt Free Water Softeners (2022 Updated)

Best Salt Free Water Softeners won’t just remove water minerals. They will make your dishes perkier, your clothes, hairs, skin, shining and vibrant. They perform the process which replaces hard particles with the soft potassium, sodium particles. The technology uses in salt-free water softener channels the chemicals to generate water without the adverse effects of water hardness.

The water softeners modify the arrangement of calcium, magnesium ions that are present in water, which is commonly known as hard water.

1. One Flow Salt Free Water Softener System

OneFlow Salt Free Water Softener System |

One Flow Salt-Free Water Softener System provides you with fresh. Salt-free water with eliminating calcium and magnesium from your tap water. Instead, it only removes harmful particles from water. Making it soft water for drinking and daily household usage.

It is design in a particular way that it takes care of chlorine particles. So, that taste and odorless water are to be distribute to every tap. One Flow Salt-Free Water Softener System works tremendously as an environment-friendly water softener. Which emits zero percent wastage outside, and it operates without a drain hose.

  • Plumbing efficiency extended
  • Appliances lifespan extended
  • Salt-free water
  • Free from maintenance
  • No other cons available

2. Aquasana 1,000,000 Salt Free System:

Aquasana 1,000,000 Salt Free Water Softener System |

Aquasana is a manufacturer based in Austin. It manufactures salt-free water softeners. Aqasana uses state of art technology producing salt-free water softeners. Which specializes in reverse osmosis that reshaped entire U.S consumer market.

Aquasana technology eliminates draining, wastage of water, and backflushing.

It comes with a tank, fittings, valves, Soft tank, and hard tank for storage. Household filtration provides you with a great taste of water, clean, great-tasting.

It is a bit pricy, and with its up-gradation kits, it becomes more costly. This also comes with an UltraViolet Filtration system that provides 99.99% elimination.

It tends to purify about 97% of chlorine and exterminates plethora pollutants till one million gallons.

  • Control Scale
  • Flushes impurities
  • Improves water
  • Inactive hard minerals
  • Regular maintenance
  • No other cons available

3. Pelican Salt-Free Softener System:

Pelican Salt-Free Water Softener

Pelican’s entry in the market broadens the boundaries for water treatment. It has an advanced apparatus that handles hard water issues without the addition of salt or potassium.

Pelican has no maintenance requirements, and it does not use the electricity, which makes it an excellent salt-free water softener. Another feature of the pelican is that it comes with anti-freezing feature. It is for tanks making it suitable for low-temperature areas.

Pelican is design in such a way that cuts a cast majority of chlorine. Other harmful particles and as water comes out of filtration process, it retains its natural taste.

It has 34 gallons per minute capacity will makes it a lethal competitor among its counterparts. This prevents scale and guards your piping and appliances at the same time. It is one of the most expensive salt-free water softeners in our list.

  • High performance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy installation
  • Costly
  • No other cons available

4. Aquasana Salt-Free Softener System:

Aquasana Salt-Free Softener System

Aquasana fans who wish to purchase it but cannot do so because of it being an expensive salt-free water softener. Here is another product by Aquasana for those. Who have a low budget for purchasing aquasana salt-free water softeners. There is a distinctive feature with this product that it lacks a standard Soft water tank.

This salt-free water softener includes all the features of Aquasana topnotch salt-free water softeners. Which provide water filtration with healthier and chlorine particles free water. You can upgrade performance by adding an Ultra Violet feature and a professional standard installation kit.

Aquasana set a reasonable price for this product enabling less budget segment to purchase product. Enables them to have a high salt free water softener for their household. It cleanses 97% of chlorine down  waterfall. Thus enabling you to enjoy better taste and odorless water at your home.

With these harmful particles out of your water system. You will enjoy delicious cooking, healthier hair and skin.

  • Extend lifetime performance
  • Drain and flushing of waste is not an option
  • High efficiency
  • Professional required for installation
  • No other cons available

5. Magna Soft Salt-Free Softener System:

Magna Soft Salt-Free Softener System

Magna Soft produces best salt-free water softener that made its name in salt-free water softener industry. It is for dependability, high enactment and innovation.

It features brighter clothes. Eliminates scale. Its carbon filter will make the water fresher, and thus enabling you the pure water. It pulls a whopping 500 pounds of water per module. It will treat your water and leave the useful particles of calcium, magnesium thus preventing scale buildup. You can install for up to two bathrooms and households with flows best suited for the system capacity.

It is design for a small household. It is consider to be user friendly and can be install without the help of a professional. Saving you your hard-earned money.

  • High-quality equipment
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Less capacity
  • No other cons available


The information regarding the water softener is erect on an extensive ion alteration process. When Hard water reaches system at start, tank inside changes hard water for calcium. Sodium elements from the salt inside the tank.

The system starts the redevelopment process. This step is the start of a process in which a stream wash the elements. The water that comes out of the tank is free from hard water elements. Sodium elements are still in the tank, so the next iteration cycle begins. The purification tank has filters. In this process, the scale is remove. Water sorted for the salted treatment as well in this phase of the process. They cleanse the water more and make it appropriate for consumption and washing purposes.

Buyer’s Guide:

Before deciding to go for salt free water softeners, You should have complete knowledge of how they work? How to install them most importantly? What their features are? How they provide better and safer water for you and your family?


Most of the salt-free softeners posses simple installation. Their designs are simple and compact as they go with your water lines nicely. The more you add the components, the harder it becomes for you to install. But most of the salt-free water softeners are easy to install.

Overhead Costs

The overhead cost can cut significantly with these water softeners. As there is no need to fill salt-free water softener. A device that incorporates a robust filter, which does not requires improvements.


Salt-free Water softeners have options to upgrade their core systems. They can be modify with an Ultra Violet filtration. The other upgrade can be installing a carbon filter to increase your water softener’s range for pure and better-taste water.


Do you want to purchase a salt-free water softener? If you want to purchase, go through mathematics first. Than check requirements you want before searching water softeners. They are costly. They will inevitably require knowledge of what you want?. How much in the capacity you require?


Water softeners have so much variety. With different variants from the same company having different capacities. They come from salt-based to without salt, electronic or simple water softeners.


Is your water at home taste like tasteless, ridiculously rich in calcium and potassium ions. To prevent this water from drinking, you first need to test water. Check hardness of water of your home. Thus, enabling you to be more inform. The analysis of water will identify absolute proficient. First rate path to safeguard you form your plumbing problems against scale. Also providing pure water.

All products currently present in our list provide dynamic salt free systems. Thus performing its job effectively and efficiently low priced with slight maintenance.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Is salt-free water softener harmful?
No, they are not. In fact,  Favorable for the humans.
What is the GPM?
GPM, it means gallons per minute.
What is the grain capacity?
It is a measure use to eliminate water hardness.
What is GPG?
It is call the Grains per gallon.
Which is the expensive salt free water softener?
Aquasana 1,000,000 Salt-Free Water Softener System.
What’s the best salt free water softener to buy?
Pelican Salt-Free Water Softener System.
Who makes the best salt-free water softener?
Aquasana makes the best salt-free water softener.
Who makes the cheap salt free water softener to buy?
MagnaSoft Salt-Free Water Softener System.
What is soft water?
Soft water has a hardness of Zero grains per gallon.
What is the best salt-free water softener?
That has Zero grains per gallon.

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